Skype 3.6/3.8 no longer working on Windows.

If you use Skype 3.6 or 3.8 on Windows you’ve probably noticed a message in the past few weeks which says “Skype cannot connect.”

Unfortunately after much research I have found no workaround for this.

I do not recommend you upgrade to a newer Skype version because they are insecure. I’d recommend the excellent Trillian IM to use instead of Skype. It supports Skype accounts, so you can still talk to your Skype friends, any many other chat protocols.

I recommend you try it with the TrillianLiveMessageWindow skin which makes Trillian look like the old Windows Live messenger.


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  1. You forgot a 3.

    Thanks for this article, I really have no wish to watch ads or use the shit they made out of skype after 4.0

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