Block and Auto-Reject Calls in Android without Extra Apps

You may be receiving nuisance or spam calls on your phone which you’d like to block or ignore. Luckily in Android, there’s a very simple way of doing so:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Call Settings -> Call Rejection -> Auto Reject List -> Create.
  2. Enter the number, or part of the number, you’d like to block.
  3. Change Match Criteria if you’re looking to block a range of numbers which start or end with certain digits.
  4. Hit Save.

You can also access the above via the Dialer/Phone App -> Menu button -> Call Settings.

You can block calls from all Unknown numbers simply by ticking the box beside “Unknown” in the Auto Reject List settings screen.

I used this to block calls from nuisance callers 01792211845 and 01792211843 simply by entering¬†0179221184 and changing Match Criteria to “Starts With”.